New Retail Establishments Coming to Nexton!

Late last week, a map of the new retail establishments that are set to open in Nexton was released. There is no doubt that Nexton is going to be one of the places to be in the next several years.

As you may know, Nexton is a master planned community that, when completed, will have a myriad of stores, restaurants, fitness facilities, and more. Some of the names on the proposed list of establishments are those that will be familiar to locals in the tri-country region. Popular eateries such as Halls Chophouse, Home Team BBQ and Taco Boy are set to open. Look for a new fitness option with Cycle Bar coming to town. This is perfect for those who love to spin! Want a treat after your cycle class? Head to Sub Zero Ice Cream where you pick the flavors and they zap it with liquid nitrogen and presto! Your ice cream is ready! Maybe you would rather grab a super yummy burger or a “concrete” at Burger Fi. What’s a concrete? It is a mix of frozen custard and yummy mix ins. You may need to head back to Cycle Bar for another class after eating that one. Burger Fi’s custard is amazing..and well worth the extra class!

Check out the map below for all the other establishments that are proposed to open!


Also coming to Nexton but not shown on this map is Sam’s Club and Harris Teeter. Soon, everything will be right at your fingertips!

If you are interested in purchasing a home in this community, please contact me for more information!