Local Business Spotlight ~ SPIN Nutrition

It’s once again time for my Local Business Spotlight! For the month of August, I have chosen a business that you may already know and love. And if you don’t know about it, you will! My August Local Business Spotlight is SPIN Nutrition, located at 223 South Cedar Street in Downtown Summerville.

What is SPIN Nutrition and what makes it different?

If you have a Facebook account, I am sure you have at least one local friend who has been posting pictures of scrumptious looking shakes. The shakes are what SPIN Nutrition is known for, but SPIN is more than that. It is a community where men and women join in on fitness classes, including, of course, spin! Owner Priscilla Bloedoorn brought this nutrition club to life in 2018 and has been blending up delicious shakes and teas ever since!

Turtle Truffle Shake

These shakes are not your ordinary drinks where they are filled with loads of unhealthy ingredients. In fact, SPIN Nutrition’s shakes are blended up with Herbalife’s Healthy Nutritional Shake Mix Blend or Protein Powder, thereby making these shakes an awesome meal replacement. And the flavors that are available are seemingly endless and unbelievable. My current favorite right now (I say right now because it changes when they create new flavors), is the Snickers shake. Oh my goodness. How can something so delicious and decadent actually be healthy for you? Oh, and I didn’t even mention the teas! If you are a tea drinker, especially cold, you will want to try those too. There is a reason it is called SPIN extreme tea! Make sure to check with the club for their newest menu. Not all flavors are available every day. Some are special event flavors, like a shake for July 4th.

Jungle Juice Tea and the Blueberry Cheesecake Shake

What do I need to know before I go to SPIN Nutrition?

You do not have to take the fitness classes to enjoy a delicious shake. Many people go to SPIN just for the shakes and teas. They make the perfect start to the day or a great replacement for lunch. Who wants to eat the same lunch every day anyway? BORING! You can have a different flavor each day of the week if you wanted to.

What changes have been made due to COVID-19?

Shakes and Teas are available via curbside, delivery, and take out. Fitness class availability is posted on Facebook weekly.

Spin is fun!

Where is SPIN Nutrition located and where can I find them on social media?

SPIN Nutrition is located at 223 South Cedar Street in Summerville, South Carolina. If you are driving towards Downtown Summerville on Cedar Street, the club will be in the brick building on your right. The building is part of the Short Central area.

Hours of Operation:



SPIN Nutrition offers $2 off each new customer! They also give one FREE shake on your 10th shake.

Please join me in congratulating our August Local Business Spotlight, SPIN Nutrition! If you haven’t visited the club before, make sure to check it out. Please let them know that you heard about the SPIN Nutrition on Life in Summerville!