moving day checklist

Why You Need this Awesome Moving Checklist

You found your dream home and everything is going as planned for the closing, but are you ready for the ACTUAL MOVE? Having an awesome tool like this handy moving checklist can help keep you organized and make the move a much easier one.

If you start at the 10 weeks before the move mark, that gives you plenty of time to get things in order. Anything on the list that is simply not do-able, you just ignore or put an X in the box. Take a look at the list and you will see there are some easily forgotten items that if not planned for ahead of time, can create a headache once moving day and after arrives!

Feel free to save this to your computer to print it out, or better yet, save it to your Pinterest account (if you have one). If you would rather download the PDF version, the link is below the image.