A Special Local Business Spotlight for May and June

Every month I put the spotlight on a local business in the Summerville area. It only seemed right that during this Coronavirus pandemic we have found ourselves in, that instead of spotlighting one particular business, I would broaden it. For the months of May and June, my Local Business Spotlight is on each and every business and employee who worked during this time to ensure that our community had what was needed. Here’s a peek at some of the businesses and organizations. It’s impossible to show them all!

image of different Summerville businesses helping during COVID pandemic of 2020

To those on the frontlines…the doctors, nurses, EMTs, police, firefighters, retirement home caretakers, and anyone else who has had to face firsthand those who were suffering from COVID. Thank you.

To those working in the grocery/home stores, convenience stores, gas stations, hardware stores that stayed open to provide food, essentials, and supplies for other businesses to continue. Thank you.

To the restaurants that had to close their doors to their customers and go to curbside, drive through, or delivery. To the drivers with Door Dash, Grub Hub, and Instacart. Thank you for your service to those who were at home. You provided a welcome change of pace (and meals) during a time that has been anything but normal.

To the coffee shops that offered drive-through or delivery so that essential workers (and others) could still maintain a sense of normalcy. To the shops that offered free drinks to frontline workers. Thank you.

To the teachers of public and private school students who had to quickly change course, find new ways to provide materials, while losing the daily in-person contact with their students. Thank you.

To the parents of public school and private school students who have had their lives turned upside down and had to start teaching their own children without having time to learn how to do it, what to teach, or how to manage the time when your job may require you to work at home. Thank you.

To the parents of homeschooled students who have had to change their schedules, cancel outside classes and learning experiences, and now help struggling parents who are crisis/isolation schooling. Thank you.

To the churches, youth groups, and other social groups who have had to go completely virtual in order to keep connected. Thank you.

Most importantly, to those neighbors, friends, and family who have given of themselves to help their neighbors and communities. Thank you. Whether you took the time to shop for and sew masks for doctors and nurses who had no protection or you checked in on the elderly or immunocompromised in your neighborhood. Thank you. For those who served at local food banks, helping to feed those in need. Thank you. For those who offered to pick up groceries for members of the community who did not feel safe leaving their homes. Thank you.

I always knew our community and town was amazing, but going through this together, has made me realize just how beautiful our town is deep down. Our town is not just about beautiful azaleas and historic areas, it is about heart. And Summerville, you truly showed you have a huge heart!

I am so proud to live in this town!

Be safe and be well. We will get through this together.

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