Local Business Spotlight on Puma’s Italian Ice Shack and Cafe

Have you ever walked into an establishment and instantly felt there was something unique about it? Life in Summerville’s Local Business Spotlight is just that place. The moment you step into Puma’s Italian Ice Shack and Cafe on East Richardson, you will notice it immediately. Christian and Christine Puma treat every person who walks into their establishment like a member of their family. Immediately, you feel welcomed in a way that is reminiscent of days gone by. Pumas Italian Ice Shack and Cafe is truly a labor of love and a great asset to our community.

After Chris lost his job during the pandemic, the family knew they had to do something. While many restaurants were closing permanently, the Pumas jumped into action and opened their Italian Ice Shack & Cafe. They knew Summerville was the place for them and time has proven them right. Puma’s Italian Ice Shack and Cafe is loved by the community for all it offers, but more importantly for the family that runs it.


Initially, Pumas was known for its Homemade NY Water and Cream Italian Ices, but the idea for hot dogs soon took shape. Starting with a few specialty hot dogs, this list has now grown to include numerous delicious creations. Christian, now known as the Weenie Man, is always open to new ideas for hot dogs, even those that seem a little crazy. The Original Unicorn Dog is one such hot dog. If you follow their social media, you will frequently see customers taking part in their Unicorn Dog challenge! You can even purchase a T-shirt that states that you survived it.

What’s in a Unicorn Dog?

The basics – hot dog bun and hot dog. And now for the good stuff! Chili, Whipped Cream, and Rainbow Sprinkles. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Nevertheless, the soon to be famous Unicorn Dog is a major hit and is being ordered every day. Multiple times. Of course, you can also order a classic hot dog, but you’ll miss out on all the great flavor combinations!

Now for the Water and Cream Ices. Water ices are non-dairy and both are gluten-free. They come in a wide variety of flavors, including Mango Habanero, Cannoli, Spumoni, and classic flavors like Lemon and Strawberry. All are equally delicious. Oh, and don’t forget to try one of their ButterBeer shakes. They are amazing!

If you have not been to Puma’s Italian Ice Shack and Cafe, I highly suggest it! They are located across the street from Hutchinson Square, around the corner from the James F. Dean Community Theatre. Below you can find their hours and social media accounts.


Sunday: CLOSED

Monday-Saturday: 11-8pm

Social Media:

Facebook: pumasitalianiceshack

Instagram: pumasitalianiceshacktheoriginalunicornhotdog

Website: Pumas Ice

Please join me in congratulating Puma’s Italian Ice Shack as being chosen as Life in Summerville’s Local Business Spotlight!