It’s Back to School Time Again, so Safety First!!!

Let the moaning and groaning of getting up early for school begin again. Yes, it’s back to school time again! 

Along with the excitement of children going to school, seeing their friends, and meeting their new teachers, there is something that the Summerville Police Department wants everyone to remember.


The Summerville Police Department shared a video on their Facebook page this week and I thought it was such a vivid reminder for everyone. 

Courtesy of the USDOTNHTSA

Also as important as speeding are the rules are for stopping when you see a school bus. A two lane road would be Central Avenue for example. a 4 lane would be Old Trolley Road. 

Courtesy of Target Zero

So many tragic accidents occur even before the students get to school or back to their homes. Be on high alert anytime you are near buses or a school. A child may not realize the danger and dart out into the street or some from behind a car. Accidents happen, but some can be prevented by being proactive.

Let’s make the 2018/2019 school year a safe and accident-free one!