How to Find out More about Summerville

My blog, Life in Summerville has lots of information contained in it, but it’s not everything. Sometimes you want to actually SEE what life is like in Summerville and what’s available.

Well, now you can!

I just started my own YouTube channel where I share a little bit about me, my love for Summerville and the surrounding area, local communities, and things to do!

I’ve given you a sample of what’s available now with a clickable link to a couple of videos, but there will be so much more coming soon! Please make sure you click SUBSCRIBE to ensure that you get notified when I upload new content.

Video link to YouTube for Life in Summerville with Life in Summerville's Suzy Torres
Video link to YouTube for Exploring Local Neighborhood with Life in Summerville's Suzy Torres

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I enjoyed making them! Also remember that if you like what you have seen, please share it with your family and friends!