Dorchester and Berkeley Shelter Information for Hurricane Florence

Dorchester County

Dorchester County will open a pet-friendly shelter at DuBose Middle School, located at 1005 DuBose School Road, Summerville, SC 29483 at noon on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

Residents evacuating to a shelter should pack minimally, bringing only the essentials i.e. bedding (blankets or sleeping bag, pillows, air mattresses or cots) personal hygiene products, a form of identification, all medications, important documents, a change of clothes, food and water for 3-4 days.

Residents who feel they may need to relocate to a special medical needs shelter should call the SCDHEC triage phone line at 1-800-578-2031. 

Shelters at Summerville High School, Woodland High School and St. George Middle School will be on standby to open if/when the need arises.

Shelter Transportation is available. 


The Shelter will only accept crated, small, domesticated animals. At least one family member must remain on premise.

Residents who would like to utilize the pet shelter will be responsible for bringing all pet supplies including, but not limited to the below:

  1. Leash
  2. Vaccination Records
  3. Pet Food
  4. Water & Food Bowls
  5. Sheet or Blanket to cover Kennel
  6. Litter and Litter Box
  7. Medication (if needed)
  8. Training Pads for kennel

Use the map below to locate an open shelter in Dorchester County. View larger map

Public evacuation shelters do NOT provide comforts. Shelter evacuees will be required to shelter in hallways while winds are in excess of 39 mph. Shelter capacities are determined by allocating 15 square feet per person. Shelters meant to provide a safe and secure structure from a storm or another disaster.

What To Bring To A Shelter

  • Bedding – blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows
  • 1 Day Food Supply – consider special dietary needs
  • Essential Medications – fill any prescriptions to ensure enough supply 
  • Phone and Charger – bring extra battery packs or solar chargers
  • Personal Hygiene – toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. 
  • Clothing – consider rain gear and sturdy shoes
  • Infant Needs – formula, diapers, etc.
  • Unique Family Needs – consider persons who are elderly or have special medical needs 
  • Emergency Kit 
  • Children’s Items – reading books, stuffed animal, or coloring books

Berkeley County

Berkeley Middle School

Cane Bay High School- This a pet-friendly location. Citizens must stay with their pets during their time at the shelter. Pet owners are NOT allowed to drop-off their pets at the shelters.

Goose Creek High School will be open as a shelter to Berkeley County residents. It will also be a primary shelter for Charleston County residents in need of a shelter.

St. Stephen Elementary

The shelters will open in coordination with the evacuation orders (12 p.m. Tuesday, September 11).